Everyone’s dilemma

Tell me, my dear reader,

Tell me what do you do when your heart is bigger than other people’s ego?

Tell me what happens when your partner should have been there, in your poems written to them, in your paintings when they appear drawn by yourself, in your songs when their voices were music for your heart, in your plans… One more year, but there you have nothing more than memories.


Tell me how do you feel, when you spend so much time with a person, you give yourself body and soul, for more than five, eight, maybe twelve years and because of an inconvenient, she/he decides to break everything as it was just one night stand.

Tell me how do you react?

Tell me, I need to know!

Tell me what is left to be said?

Tell me how fast can you fall from heaven…

You swallow your pain, stare blankly into the screen, into the room, at the sky…

Your brain starts developing all these moments you have spent with them…

You are amazed that the unexpected happened…

Your trust issues increased because she/he was the one for you and then…

Then you learn that you are alone again







But you know what?




People are waiting for you.

People are waiting for your success.

People are waiting to see you glow and celebrate with them.

There are people that want that place.

What’s left to be said, it’s only this


All that we can do is to trust again.



Keep her waves

Yup, waves.

Why waves? Because her heart loves deeply and has many expectations from the chosen one. She wants to be at peace with herself around you. She doesn’t want to add you any more problems, but to solve the ones you’re struggling now. 

She desires to talk with you about you two as a couple, about your likes and dislikes, about your passions, what drives you crazy. She’s curious about what music you’re listening to, about the movies you’re watching, about your favourite toy as a kid, and what you have never experienced before so she could make all of these happen. She wants to be for you the person who is still there after you make a mistake, that tells you that it’s okay, you are safe, not the one that interdicts you everything, that controls every move you make. She is there to love and help you in the best way she can. 

Waves because it’s the course of the life, it’s movement, it’s love and it’s real. Don’t be scared about her waves, don’t run back to the shore, that is a place for somebody who doesn’t feel like implying themselves, but have everything sorted out exactly the way they wanted to with no effort. And that, my dear, seems like dreams. But what dreams are without working for them? They lose their magic and disappear like they weren’t even there.

There’ll be waves because she cares, because her heart pumps faster and faster as she admires every inch of your skin, caressing your whole body and soul with her eyes, through her finesse sight.

There’ll be waves because she will test you, she will do it because she wants to know how much you can handle, who will help whom. She’ll test you to know at which point you would give up on her. 

There’ll be waves because there will be weeks when you two won’t see each other and she will miss you so much she’ll catch an attitude, she fights with the distance. 

If you love her, don’t stress about the waves. You’ll find your courage and she’ll help you gain more through her big heart. 

Don’t stress about the existence of the waves, but about the times where the storm will take them and there’ll be nothing left but a numb fog above the sea.
Remember that everything happens for a reason, but check before that reason to not be somebody’s foolishness.



Do you know yourself?

When you hear: “Tell me about yourself”, do you know what to answer? or you make up some general characteristics and you come up with them? maybe you even get tangled into it…

In a matter of seconds everything looks like this:


Do you remember the last situations that you just got out of and you think what lessons you learnt so you can pick up the qualities you just gained or do you think about your lover, your friend, your godmother?

Who made you till now?

Who are you to the world?

Who are you to your friends?

But the most important…

Who are you to yourself?



Change the lanes

“I’m fading
Much too fast, my love
I’m waiting
For it to pass, my love”

No, this is not going to be a heartbreak song.
This is gonna be the riot of the successful minds that lack some confidence.

If you feel that you are fading into your future plans, if you feel overwhelmed about what move should you do next, if you feel trapped into a maze, just stop.





Breathe in, breathe out.

Think clear, think about the moments you started all of this. Why getting tangled in some moods? Get over them! You can do this!

Remember when you were just a little kid contemplating everything? From how your mom was washing the dishes after that two hours lunch because you did not like so much one specifical vegetable, or on Sundays, when the other kids at the park were playing in the sand with everyone’s toys and they had some insane laughters that would have changed even the grumpiest person’s mood to all the mess that we all made when we wanted something from the upper shelf and we would have climbed on our chairs, jumped on the bed, struggling to get that one thing we desired most at that moment, a toy or a new piece of cloth?

Do you remember yourself paying so much attention to the details of your existence when looked in the mirror?

Do you remember when you finally finished to draw in the upper left/right corner of the page the sun that still rulls the kingdom of the glamorous flowers and you were like a living advertisement for your parents because all they could have seen in that second was your huge enthusiasm as a result of what you have worked for?

Do you remember your band’s posters put on the walls of your room and all your dreams wanting to become reality?

Well, of course you do, but now, one last question. Why do you have to feel like that, my dear? Come here, into my arms. I will give you a big hug that will put you immediately on your feet.




Go for what is yours, my darling! Plan each step, from head to toe, the universe will bring you closest to your goal if you put your soul into it!

Believe in it when nobody is believing, but only you.

Believe in yourself, ’cause I am already doing it, and if you ask yourself how can a stranger can believe in you, then remember this thing again, I am no stranger, but a friend. Whenever you will feel the need of a little encouragement, I’ll be here and I want through the love that you give me and the work that I put in this to make a change.

It’s possible. I made it. I will make it again. People made it.

You are next!


Achilles’ heel


Achilles’ heel

əkɪliːz ˈhiːl/


 a weakness or vulnerable point.

  • “the Achilles’ heel of the case for nuclear power remains the issue of the disposal of waste”

  •   synonyms:  weak spot, weak point, weakness, vulnerable spot, soft underbelly, shortcoming, failing



Achilles’ heel 2k17




  Achilles’ heel now it is the inefficiency in our communication.

We tend to talk so much but we barely say something. The air we are using for talking has to mean something, otherwise, we are just wasting it. In the following lines I will explain the cause of it, believing that we can overcome this little-big issue.

  We do not know exactly the substance that our relation is made of, any kind of relation. It is made from solid, liquid, gas? Do we trust each other, do we need to know when to pour hot water or add some ice cubes or it will just evaporate?

  This is the main problem in our society. This is the result of the inefficiency of our communication. We desire to be listened, but we do not listen when our turn comes. We just talk, to be heard, not to deliver a message, a message with substance, a message that has a good purpose, not the one to tear up one another. Life is not highschool anymore where you gossip, lurk or drink till you do not know anymore about in which world you live or not, especially that there is no parent to rely on, spiritually speaking or financially.


Enter a caption

We make too many presumptions when… the person is standing right there, in front of our face.

  We sew a net based on our feelings that till that point, our mood has been changed so fast and in so many ways, just like the course from the stock market.

Parents look at their children’s mistake and they say that they should not be envious, selfish nor mean. They always correct their children. Afterwards, the parents discuss between them, different families do it at the park for example, and they feel like they know everything, just because of their age. The kid will grow up, will know what he lacks, where he is not so good and it will learn, but what about the parent? When the kid starts pointing out the parent’s flaws, the parent will be most likely to addopt a passive-agressive attitude. It’s so unfair because in that phase many families are breaking, that’s when our personality is designed and each move is essential for teenagers.
So, my message to you, my dear readers, is to step back, look in the mirror, reflect about everything that surrounds you but with a limit, don’t exaggerate.

Let’s not be like the other generations, we say we are younger, smarter.

Let’s not just say it, but prove it!

Let’s heal this Achilles’ heel disease!


the state of being diverse.
“there was considerable diversity in the style of the reports”
a range of different things.
plural noun: diversities
“newspapers were obliged to allow a diversity of views to be printed”




  I’ve asked some people close to me what diversity is for them and these are the answers that I have got.


  Diversity is:

1– Having different people with different backgrounds so that they have different ideas maybe to help you in your interests or mostly to just expand the perspective

 –2– A group of people, things, phenomenons that do not appear similar in any way that can influence. In this way you can try more activities.
    2.a. Important is to let yourself influenced positively and to take a good thing from everywhere.
      2.b. It’s like a cultural/experience exchange.

  –3– A possibility from where you can choose what you need.

  –4– To not let the same song on repeat for 30 minutes. – lame, I know! This is my brother, yes, I had a song stucked in my head, ears and soul for 30 minutes, but hey guys, that’s only the start hihihi –

          ~  Coming back to our subject ~

  What I do believe is that diversity is when you mix the colours and you get results that have never been discovered till then, like pastels were after the secondary colours. Diversity is when you surround yourself with distinctive elements that mean something, if it does not mean anything, it is just a mess, a beautiful or a not-so-beautiful mess, depending on each individual’s tastes such as likes and dislikes.

    Is diversity important? And if it is important, in which way?

Think about the landforms of the planet Earth. It includes mountains, valleys, plateaus, glaciers, hills, loess, plains and desserts. What if only the mountains existed? Would you be able to live this luxurious life that you are living now? Fast cars, fast-food, fast women, fast phones, smart ones, but slow minds… Not all of them, but sadly there is a pretty big percentage and it is not a thing to be proud of. Ok, I slowly divert from the topic. Okay so diversity is needed for inspiration, for ideas so that they can pop up, for creation, evolving. Practically, diversity means progress.