Achilles’ heel


Achilles’ heel

əkɪliːz ˈhiːl/


 a weakness or vulnerable point.

  • “the Achilles’ heel of the case for nuclear power remains the issue of the disposal of waste”

  •   synonyms:  weak spot, weak point, weakness, vulnerable spot, soft underbelly, shortcoming, failing



Achilles’ heel 2k17




  Achilles’ heel now it is the inefficiency in our communication.

We tend to talk so much but we barely say something. The air we are using for talking has to mean something, otherwise, we are just wasting it. In the following lines I will explain the cause of it, believing that we can overcome this little-big issue.

  We do not know exactly the substance that our relation is made of, any kind of relation. It is made from solid, liquid, gas? Do we trust each other, do we need to know when to pour hot water or add some ice cubes or it will just evaporate?

  This is the main problem in our society. This is the result of the inefficiency of our communication. We desire to be listened, but we do not listen when our turn comes. We just talk, to be heard, not to deliver a message, a message with substance, a message that has a good purpose, not the one to tear up one another. Life is not highschool anymore where you gossip, lurk or drink till you do not know anymore about in which world you live or not, especially that there is no parent to rely on, spiritually speaking or financially.


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We make too many presumptions when… the person is standing right there, in front of our face.

  We sew a net based on our feelings that till that point, our mood has been changed so fast and in so many ways, just like the course from the stock market.

Parents look at their children’s mistake and they say that they should not be envious, selfish nor mean. They always correct their children. Afterwards, the parents discuss between them, different families do it at the park for example, and they feel like they know everything, just because of their age. The kid will grow up, will know what he lacks, where he is not so good and it will learn, but what about the parent? When the kid starts pointing out the parent’s flaws, the parent will be most likely to addopt a passive-agressive attitude. It’s so unfair because in that phase many families are breaking, that’s when our personality is designed and each move is essential for teenagers.
So, my message to you, my dear readers, is to step back, look in the mirror, reflect about everything that surrounds you but with a limit, don’t exaggerate.

Let’s not be like the other generations, we say we are younger, smarter.

Let’s not just say it, but prove it!

Let’s heal this Achilles’ heel disease!


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