Change the lanes

“I’m fading
Much too fast, my love
I’m waiting
For it to pass, my love”

No, this is not going to be a heartbreak song.
This is gonna be the riot of the successful minds that lack some confidence.

If you feel that you are fading into your future plans, if you feel overwhelmed about what move should you do next, if you feel trapped into a maze, just stop.





Breathe in, breathe out.

Think clear, think about the moments you started all of this. Why getting tangled in some moods? Get over them! You can do this!

Remember when you were just a little kid contemplating everything? From how your mom was washing the dishes after that two hours lunch because you did not like so much one specifical vegetable, or on Sundays, when the other kids at the park were playing in the sand with everyone’s toys and they had some insane laughters that would have changed even the grumpiest person’s mood to all the mess that we all made when we wanted something from the upper shelf and we would have climbed on our chairs, jumped on the bed, struggling to get that one thing we desired most at that moment, a toy or a new piece of cloth?

Do you remember yourself paying so much attention to the details of your existence when looked in the mirror?

Do you remember when you finally finished to draw in the upper left/right corner of the page the sun that still rulls the kingdom of the glamorous flowers and you were like a living advertisement for your parents because all they could have seen in that second was your huge enthusiasm as a result of what you have worked for?

Do you remember your band’s posters put on the walls of your room and all your dreams wanting to become reality?

Well, of course you do, but now, one last question. Why do you have to feel like that, my dear? Come here, into my arms. I will give you a big hug that will put you immediately on your feet.




Go for what is yours, my darling! Plan each step, from head to toe, the universe will bring you closest to your goal if you put your soul into it!

Believe in it when nobody is believing, but only you.

Believe in yourself, ’cause I am already doing it, and if you ask yourself how can a stranger can believe in you, then remember this thing again, I am no stranger, but a friend. Whenever you will feel the need of a little encouragement, I’ll be here and I want through the love that you give me and the work that I put in this to make a change.

It’s possible. I made it. I will make it again. People made it.

You are next!



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