I salute you


     So somebody said: “I hate those really vivid dreams that you’re still emotionally attached to after you wake up. You’re stuck, feeling for something that technically doesn’t exist.”







And now I am asking myself if half of the moments that I’ve ever lived were like this, vivid dreams or they felt the emotion as much as I did.

I am still wondering how are others living.

If they live or just exist.

If they gave up on this life or if they are chasing their dreams, working harder and harder, if they still run in this race of creating the perfect life, passionate, colourful, powerful…

I am really curious when did people realize that “it is not for them” or that “it is too hard”.

I am so curious about their greatest enemy.

I already regret on what excuses they stumbled upon and they decided to break everything just because they did not have emotional support from outside in that specific moment.

I already regret the fact that children will hear their excuses, instead of successful stories, realities.

So it’s up to you whether your kids will see and hear about heroes or unhappiness.

Where are you stuck?


From my perspective, these are all a piece of cake.

  1. Take the sweets and stop concerning.
  2. Wash your face, your hands, your teeth.
  3. Wash away your thoughts.

“We need to fly ourselves before someone else tells us how”

I want you all to be warriors, fight for your dreams, plan your steps.

You, I salute you!

You are brave and we both know that you can do it!



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