Why do we keep on losing our keys

A new path

So, you want to go out, but you don’t know where are your keys.

You want to go out from time to time because you feel aflutter, but you keep losing your keys over and over again. Every night, every moment you are too sure of somebody or something, you are no longer paying attention to what you do. Instead, you create a whole new universe, a whole new story about THAT object/person.

Things are fine for a period, but then, you see IT leaving.

You see IT leaving and you can do nothing about it, that is exactly the moment your thoughts are all mixed for a new recipe. You want something sweet and easy to digest so it can calm you, but you mix everything that it is in your head, good and bad. You decide to go outside and find something that can help you get through it, but you are completely losing it, too many memories, too many feels.

– here comes the question –

Why do we keep on losing our keys?

You got it, through keys I mean ourselves, I mean our thoughts, actions, our control over our lives. Now that we are clear, let’s see the answer, pretty simple.

Generally, when we like something, we like to have it, to own it. That feeling can’t be the same in relationship of any kind, so, if you don’t want to keep on losing yourself every time you put your trust in somebody, be careful with yourself.

It is often said that you have to see the good in people, but why do they say that? To keep close to you every person that is disrespectful with you, just because you see a little bit of good in them? Mhmmnope! It is said so that you can take it, adopt it, make it a part of yourself, if it something about their character, and I doubt that you lose yourself over somebody just because of their beauty, so it has to be something about their character.



Learn to build yourself

Have attitude

Educate yourself to say “so what” when in doubt of what people would think.

Make decisions good for your future


Don’t compare yourself to nobody, but your past version.

Here is a trick.

When you are in a crowd and the people are rushing, compare yourself to somebody and see how far you go. Keep in your mind that distance and how fast were you going and when you are alone, do it the same but only focusing on your legs, run a bit or walk faster, and look at your feet and say that you can do it and just these simple words will increase your actions. You’ll look back and say maybe that you were close to Usain Bolt. Haha. Do that with your goals!












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