Are you ready?


Everything takes time so if you start to feel that wave of uncertainty that would take you far away, do not trust it. At the surface it seems like a giant bear that won’t get out of your way, the responsabilities, the sleeplessness, the friends, lovers that you’ve lost, the connections.


The fight it’s in going further, going on with that weight of your so-called “problems” that probably, most of them, won’t even count. This uncertainty it’s progress wrapped in fog.

Remember your victories.

You are here and there is a strong reason for that.



I don’t believe in “destiny” 100%, so I won’t have an excuse for my failure and from what I know, the only failure is giving up on you dream. When there are so many relationships failed, I will be there trusting myself, working harder on this dreamship, your dream won’t disappoint you.



Yours or others’, remember to exhale it. No excuses, no more postponing, no cancelling.

You have the right and its correlative obligation of making your life how you want it to be.

I won’t say much now, just that you should put your goals on paper and put in effort, leave the distractions, focus. Before you sleep, look at that paper and sleep with the passion and the will in your heart that you will make it.

So, are you ready to keep moving forward?

One more step… one more step… you’re doing great!

You don’t even know how far you’ve come!

Be patient with yourself.

You have to do it for the love of it! When you will reach your goal, you will be proud and more than happy to say that you made the right decision to not give up on both yourself and your vision.




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