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Everyone’s dilemma

Tell me, my dear reader,

Tell me what do you do when your heart is bigger than other people’s ego?

Tell me what happens when your partner should have been there, in your poems written to them, in your paintings when they appear drawn by yourself, in your songs when their voices were music for your heart, in your plans… One more year, but there you have nothing more than memories.


Tell me how do you feel, when you spend so much time with a person, you give yourself body and soul, for more than five, eight, maybe twelve years and because of an inconvenient, she/he decides to break everything as it was just one night stand.

Tell me how do you react?

Tell me, I need to know!

Tell me what is left to be said?

Tell me how fast can you fall from heaven…

You swallow your pain, stare blankly into the screen, into the room, at the sky…

Your brain starts developing all these moments you have spent with them…

You are amazed that the unexpected happened…

Your trust issues increased because she/he was the one for you and then…

Then you learn that you are alone again







But you know what?




People are waiting for you.

People are waiting for your success.

People are waiting to see you glow and celebrate with them.

There are people that want that place.

What’s left to be said, it’s only this


All that we can do is to trust again.




the state of being diverse.
“there was considerable diversity in the style of the reports”
a range of different things.
plural noun: diversities
“newspapers were obliged to allow a diversity of views to be printed”




  I’ve asked some people close to me what diversity is for them and these are the answers that I have got.


  Diversity is:

1– Having different people with different backgrounds so that they have different ideas maybe to help you in your interests or mostly to just expand the perspective

 –2– A group of people, things, phenomenons that do not appear similar in any way that can influence. In this way you can try more activities.
    2.a. Important is to let yourself influenced positively and to take a good thing from everywhere.
      2.b. It’s like a cultural/experience exchange.

  –3– A possibility from where you can choose what you need.

  –4– To not let the same song on repeat for 30 minutes. – lame, I know! This is my brother, yes, I had a song stucked in my head, ears and soul for 30 minutes, but hey guys, that’s only the start hihihi –

          ~  Coming back to our subject ~

  What I do believe is that diversity is when you mix the colours and you get results that have never been discovered till then, like pastels were after the secondary colours. Diversity is when you surround yourself with distinctive elements that mean something, if it does not mean anything, it is just a mess, a beautiful or a not-so-beautiful mess, depending on each individual’s tastes such as likes and dislikes.

    Is diversity important? And if it is important, in which way?

Think about the landforms of the planet Earth. It includes mountains, valleys, plateaus, glaciers, hills, loess, plains and desserts. What if only the mountains existed? Would you be able to live this luxurious life that you are living now? Fast cars, fast-food, fast women, fast phones, smart ones, but slow minds… Not all of them, but sadly there is a pretty big percentage and it is not a thing to be proud of. Ok, I slowly divert from the topic. Okay so diversity is needed for inspiration, for ideas so that they can pop up, for creation, evolving. Practically, diversity means progress.